Russ Mead -Zen Animal Ink Wash Paintings

A sumi zen ink wash painting of a breaching whale by Russ Mead.

I am an artist living in Seaside Oregon. The art form I practice has many different names: Ink brush painting , sumi-e, or even just Zen painting. My goal is to capture the spirit of a subject with a minimal number of brush strokes.   This art form gives me a way to connect with the animals I help as an animal rights lawyer. I paint a sea turtle and think of them swimming free in the ocean.  The elephant reminds me of of these creatures roaming the wide open African landscape.

Click on the link “Gallery” to see some of my designs. Most of the work I sell are originals rather than prints.

I sell these painting, originals, not prints, size 8×10 matted to 11×14 for $25.00.

Size 18×24, originals, not prints, sent in a mailing tube are $75.00.

You can reach me at russmead@russmead.com.













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  1. Hi Russ Mead! I just bought one of your dragonfly pieces at the shoreline arts council 6×6 event. It’s really wonderful, I feel so pleased to have it in my office. I just read through your stories, thanks for all you do!

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