smallelephant a aug 8 2015 scan

Original artwork

not a print

Paper size 18″x24″

Price $175.00

Artist Russ Mead

Unframed, will fit nicely in a pre-made 18″x24″ frame.

Write to russmead@russmead.com to purchase.


Every year tens of thousands of visitors go to Africa just to see elephants in a non zoo setting. Preserved elephants now now walk for miles in government protected wildlife preserves. These swaying  massive trunks are like nothing else on earth.

Elephant notes: I attempt to capture the spirit of a subject in only a few brush strokes. After painting and repainting elephants, I found there are four elements that are essential to capturing the essence of an African elephant. The trunk, the ear, the eye and the tusk.  I use a bit of shading on the head and trunk to give the elephant more depth.  I added the cracked age lines to elephant’s ears and found this little bit of detail made the elephant more majestic.

This unframed print is on 18″x 24″ translucent, technical, 100% rag, ph neutral, archival paper. It will be delivered to your door in a mailing tube ready to place into a pre-made or custom 18″x24″ frame. You can also frame larger, say a 20×26 if you mat this down to 18×24″.


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