small fluke scanned from 18x20 whale 600dpi.fw

Original artwork

not a print

Paper size 18″x24″

Price $175.00

Artist Russ Mead

Write to russmead@russmead.com to purchase

Unframed, will fit nicely in a pre-made 18″x24″ frame.

Seeing a whale fluke up close will take your breath away. These whales have the agility of gymnast with the power of a locomotive.  I have seen whales breach the water surface  in the Puget Sound near Seattle as well as in wilds of Alaska.

Whale fluke notes: I attempt to capture the spirit of a subject in only a few brush strokes. For  a breaching whale it is all about the fluke. We just don’t see an entire whale in the wild. My representation of this iconic image incorporates a thick brush stroke for the whale body outline and a very thin outline of the fluke edge.  To give the appearance of this massive body I shaded the edge of the whales body. This painting shows what you can do with a good zen brush. Thin lines like the top of the fluke, strong wide strokes in the body, and shading on the side of the body.

This unframed print is on 18″x 24″ translucent, technical, 100% rag, ph neutral, archival paper. It will be delivered to your door in a mailing tube ready to place into a pre-made or custom 18″x24″ frame. You can also frame larger, say a 20×26 if you mat this down to 18×24″.


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